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Benefits of Walking
After an Adjustment

Central Avenue Chiropractic PC is an independent private Chiropractic office providing care for adults, infants, and children. Our office specializes in activator and diversified chiropractic methods, acupuncture, interferential stim current therapy, full digital DR x-rays, computerized electro dermal screening (CEDS), nutritional support, lymphatic decongestive therapy, DOT & FAA physicals, and more.

Let our specialized chiropractors with over 60 years of combined experience treat your aches, ailments, and concerns. Offering a variety of specialties and techniques, our Doctor's will provide the best possible care to help reach your wellness goals. 

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*Please inform us of any changes to your insurance, address, or additional information prior to your appointment. 

We offer state of the art full digital DR X-Ray services.

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Have you ever been told to go for a walk after you have been adjusted? Have you wondered why it's beneficial to go for a walk after your Chiropractic appointment?


Below are a few reason why it's a good idea to get a walk in after you have been adjusted.

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Did you know?

You have 7 vertebrae in your neck... same as a giraffe. (2).png
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